Posted by: richlyn | February 13, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 – Que sera sera

Recent news for “Natty Narwhal” Ubuntu’s 11.04 Version says that there will not be any RC (which according to original time-line fell on 21st April) as it would be a bit late. A release candidate is a development version which should be, unless flaws are found, ready for distribution as the final version. they have decided to add a Beta 2 release on 14 April, immediately after freezing the kernel. The release date of 28 April for Natty Narwhal is unchanged. The day after the release is a bank holiday (public holiday) in the UK, not in celebration of the release of Ubuntu 11.04, but because there is a royal wedding taking place.

I was a bit disappointed though for i will miss my favorite applications in Natty. Ubuntu has replaced F-Spot with Shotwell as the default photo manager, Rhythmbox(I am attached to it) with Banshee as the default audio player, Compiz with Mutter as the default window manager, and 3.2 with LibreOffice 3.3(sad) and ofcourse includes Unity, developed in-house by the Ubuntu developers, as the distribution’s default desktop, replacing the GNOME Shell. Ubuntu sound menu is as significant as any other change. It simplifies the top panel in a big way and it has even started to look good. There is a distinct glow for the buttons now when you hover the mouse pointer over it. Small changes like these could completely reinvent the Ubuntu experience. The default sidebar dock has also changed by a lot. Ubuntu Software Center now comes up with the “recommendations” option.

So many new applications has made me avoid 11.04 so far and i will wit for the release and test the see if it looks great, only then i will decide by May first week, if i need to have the Natty.


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