Posted by: richlyn | December 25, 2010

Battery Life

Let’s start with the most basic fact of mobile devices – most have batteries made with Lithium technology (LI-ON mostly). These have a typical life of 2-3 years because then have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles. Keeping your mobile battery in good shape will make it last longer. Hence,

  1. Don’t keep the mobile device plugged into mains all the time; letting the battery discharge is important for it’s longevity. If you must do leave it in all the time, consider removing the battery (at the risk of losing your work on power failure).
  2. Don’t expose the battery to high temperatures. The cooler your working environment (including your laptop chassis), the longer your battery will keep its charge.

Ubuntu has been working ( Brainstorm ) on power management applications to prolong the battery life. Every second person now uses a laptop or notebook and each of us want to extend the battery life to the fullest hence the importance of this idea has garnered support by many. Hoping to something of this genre in the next release.


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