Posted by: richlyn | March 1, 2010

Blogger Blocked by some ISP’s in India

I started a blog hosted on blogger and have been able to maintain it without any problems, but recently i have been facing problems opening the blog at home on my Aircel gprs connection.I googled  and did a some troubleshooting that came up with nothing. Everything was fine however i was still unable to access my blog or any blogs hosted on blogger for that matter. I am able to sign in to Today i came across this horrifying fact that GOI has issues a directive to block some blogs and the ISP’s eventually ended up blocking a few thousand blogs hosted on some domains.I tried opening my blog using a proxy and it opened fine. Looks like Indians need to use other alternatives to access blogs

Check these google and blog links for more information. There is also a list of ISP’s blocking blogs here



  1. That is odd–best wishes with your troubleshooting.

  2. it seems i had issues with My dns servers
    which My friend Joy helped solve.
    my /etc/resolv.conf showed up with
    so joy asked me to change them to and and they worked like a charm

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