Posted by: richlyn | February 15, 2010

Updating Ubuntu on slow connections/offline

Ubuntu users will know that the install CD  comes only with a basic working system and a few necessary apps. One needs to install preferred applications and update the system as and when available. The challenge is when you have large number of updates in update manager to download and install with a slow/dial up/no Internet connection. More on installing and updating software in Ubuntu. Although there are known ways of doing the same using Keryx or Wget, I prefer this to do it this way which is simple and does not user any other application except a browser.

Here is how we go about it…On your Ubuntu install go to

Start> System>Administration> Update Manager and  click “Check for updates” Then close Update Manager after the list has been updated.

Now Start>System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager >Mark all Upgrades>[“mark additional required changes?”]>”mark”.

Then go to File>Generate Package Download Script and save the script to any portable media. Now close the Synaptic Package Manager>[“Quit and discard changes?”]>Quit

Now you can go to a cybercafe or a friend s place or wherever that has a fast Internet connection  which Windows / Linux Operating system and open the script in Word.

From the script we only need the links so you can use the find and replace function in word in case its a large script. Then copy the link and paste them in the Browser address bar after which you will get option to save the file. Save the deb file to your portable media.

Once you have all the links downloaded  you are ready to install them on your Ubuntu system. Connect your portable media and open Synaptic Package Manager.

In Synaptic go to File>Add Downloaded Packages>[navigate to where you have downloaded the packages]>”Open”

Synaptic will show which packages are to be changed/installed and ask to confirm by clickingApply“. Then it will run the process of installing the downloaded packages and at last may ask to Restart.



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