Posted by: richlyn | January 25, 2010


Linux users favorite image editor GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) has undergone a crucial change! Traditionally GIMP always had different windows for the toolbox and the layers. In the latest release (2.7.0 which is unstable though) one has an option to open gimp in a single window that means that users who love the multi window interface still get to use it.

Single window option

Single window option

The next stable release 2.8.0 will have this feature along with others. It is also planned to have more cool features:
* Single/Multi-Window layout is a real “option” – it is freely customizable by you!
* Multiple column inspectors. You will be able to use more than one column for all the dialogs!!
* Switch between open images using an easy history thumbnail bar (no tabbing like web browsers or as it is in Photoshop currently). This is also more eye-friendly than tabs! 

Gimp 2.7
Gimp 2.7

* Polaroid overlays. You can overlay the window to i.e. show multiple parts of an image in different zooms Check the official GIMP website to see full release notes.
You can download GIMP 2.7.0 from here. For your Ubuntu install you may visit Vivek’s site  LinuxHub.

This major change in GIMP’s  architecture will go a long way in its popularity and futher development.

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