Posted by: richlyn | June 24, 2009

Clear Opened Documents list from Word

In Microsoft Word you can manage the recently opened word files history. You can increase or decrease the list size of recently used documents but if you want to clear this list, you have to disable the recently used files list and then re-enable it. By default Word XP display the shortcuts of last four files on recent documents list in File menu.

However this tip is very useful for you, if you are sharing your computer with others or you do not want that other persons know about your last visited documents history. This trick will work in nearly all of the office versions like Word 2000, XP and 2003.

Follow the given steps for configuration to clear recently opened documents automatically:
First click on Start button > All Programs > Microsoft Word.(or simply opem Word)

Now go to Tools menu > Options…..

A windows dialog box will appear with Options title > select the “General” tab.
Now clear the check box near the “Recently used file list” option and click OK button to finish the process.

But next time, if you want to enable this functionality then simply select this “Recently used file list” check box.


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