Posted by: richlyn | December 24, 2008

How to recover Shift+Del mails from outlook

These steps can be only performed if you have ADMIN Right on your PC.

1) Go to the RUN from startup and Type regedit

2) Expand the HKEY_Local Machine ->Software -> Microsoft -> Exchange ->Client ->Options

3) Click on the Options

4) List of three items will be opened to the right hand side with three fields Name, Type & Data

5) Imply Right click below the three items

6) New’ option will be opened

7) Select the “DWORD value” and a new list will be created

8) Rename the file to be “DumpsterAlwaysOn” ( note that D , A & O are in caps)

9) Double click on the new file(DumpsterAlwaysOn)

10) A menu will be opened, now give the value data =1 and select the hexadecimal

11) Now restart the Outlook and click on the place from where u need to recover

12) For ex : click on Inbox or sent items from where u need to actually recover the mail.

13) Now go to “Tools” from outlook and select the “Recover Deleted mails”


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